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The word Āina means land and infers the idea of “connection with the soul of the land.” Maluhia means calmness or serenity. ‘Āina Maluhia Ranch and all its activities serve as a symbol and backdrop for the attainment of peace. Located on the northern coast of Hawaii’s Big Island, the ranch sits on the slopes of Mauna Kea overlooking the Pacific Ocean and resonating the with vibrancy and stillness of nature’s perfection.

‘Āina Maluhia is a working cattle ranch along the Hamakua Coast on the Island of Hawaii. The land is within a native Koa and Ohia forest that was converted to cattle grazing during the days of the sugar plantations back in the 1800′s. The grazing damaged the forest and subsequent harvesting of the high-value Koa lumber further pushed the forest into severe decline. In effort to restore the forest we placed this land into a conservation program working in conjunction with the Natural Resources Conservation Service and local Dept. of Forestry offices. Our work is designed to balance the cattle and forestry operations of the ranch through the application of ecological practices patterned exclusively upon nature’s own interactions amongst the plant, animal, fungal and microbial taxonomic kingdoms. As a result, the positive impacts of these rehabilitation activities are now becoming fully evident with the amazing rebirth of the forest.

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